On Vacation

21 02 2013



I am going to be going on a journey for the next couple of months!

Please visit me on my new website: Mercedes Warrick, In Spirit.

I appreciate you visiting…..

I will be “back” in May!

One Cacao

21 11 2012

I AM Grateful.

Mother has a saying.

One, One Cacao fills the basket.

Meaning that you fill the basket of life one bean at a time.

She would counsel me.

Be patient.  Be Grateful.  Count each bean as a blessing.

This year I have been blessed with many, many beans.

Each and everyone of you has enriched my life.

Thank you for being here.

Happy Thanksgiving!


15 11 2012


Yesterday’s call was an eclectic combination of intellect, wisdom and community.  Spirit had guided me to start at the beginning day one of The Soul Inspired Tune Up Loving Me When I am a Victim.  The higher wisdom to this meditation sequence is I AM WHOLE.  A number of INsights came through and as always questions.

*  What is Love?  How do you expect Love to show up in your life?  How are you living and demonstrating Love? How are you Love?

*  Are you fertilizing and preparing your 2013 visionscape and preparing for success?  Are you pulling the weeds and tilling the soil?

*  Wholeness in all areas of your life begins with looking in the mirror and seeing your value, loving yourself.  Are you doing this?  Are you communing with the God within you?

There’s more.  We had a wonderfully robust conversation after the recording. It is interesting with “firsts” in this case the first call from Spirit.  So there will be some adjustments and unfolding.  I give thanks for my courage.  Presenting myself forward to do the work that brings me joy and I am grateful for those of you who allow me to do it. To the All that is Divine I AM Thankful.

Recordings for calls 2 – 7 will only be available for listening if you join us.  Each call is posted on the private community page.   I hope you will join us.  More details can be found at www.iamloveiam.com.

Here’s the first call.

(The introduction is reeeealllly long….. It’s a first!)

Be in Love Today!


Mercedes Warrick says, “She is just God’s Ink Pen.”  As a spiritual intuitive and author of The Soul Inspired Tune Up. The Visionscapes Edition  Mercedes is guiding people into bringing their dreams into reality through Love Aligned Living and God.


4 Visions, 1 Promise, 1 Memory

12 11 2012

4 Visions.

Spirit has been flashing a scene where I am sitting in a circle and a basket – plain, nondescript is moving from hand-to-hand and I hear, “Pass the basket.” This scene has surfaced through my consciousness 4 times.

One Promise. 

That I would make The Soul Inspired Tune Up available and affordable to anyone who wanted it during the holidays.

One Memory. 

About a month ago the alarm system in my home started blaring at 1:00 a.m.  Asleep on my treatment table in the room where it is the darkest, with only one window every cell in my body vibrated, I was shaking with the fear of 7 years ago.  Robbery-at- gunpoint was still there and dammit I thought I was over it. I remembered the promise I made to my Self.

The Soul Inspired Tune Up starts via teleclass on Wednesday.

You pay what you can afford or what you choose to invest. We are passing the virtual basket.

For seven weeks you can clear the crud, set your intentions, breathe and gain access to a tool that will allow you to change the negative feelings and hurt into action, movement, hope.

Yes, we start  this Wednesday, November 14.

Yes, there is a Wednesday before Thanksgiving and after Christmas.

Yes, the call is at 5:00 p.m. PST

and yes… there are probably more reasons why this isn’t convenient right now!


I have set up a private password required page so that you can listen to these tele-classes at your leisure through Jan. 3 2013.

4 Visions, 1 Promise, 1 Life….

If you know someone who is having a tough time…. pass this information forward.

Living a Love Aligned Lifestyle through tragedy, compromise, regret and pain is especially hard through the holidays.  After disappointment we must have the courage to dream success.

Starting on Wednesday we will breathe together, align, re-balance and dare to dream together.

Visit this page on The Soul Inspired Tune Up site: www.iamloveiam.com for more information and session topics.

Or you can CLICK HERE, invest and start now.

Located on our private community page:

Peace & Creativity is the audio orientation with breathing exercises, meditations and an explanation about the Soul Inspired Tune Up process.

The phone number and access code for the tele-classes & more.


Success begins with loving Self.  I AM LOVE I AM


Be in Love Today!



Mercedes Warrick says, “She is just God’s Ink Pen.”  As a spiritual intuitive and author of The Soul Inspired Tune Up. The Visionscapes Edition  Mercedes is guiding people into bringing their dreams into reality through Love Aligned Living and God.


The Stream of All Possibilities

6 11 2012

Do you have a situation in your life that looks like circular confusion? Spirit has guided me that this is not the law of attraction.  Spirit Wisdom has given me a point-of-view that there are times several options are presented for our growth.  A virtual kaleidoscope of opportunities. Menu options. Each offers a chance to claim the outcome we really want. Our mindset, our attitude, our spiritual risk tolerance and our emotional frequency all influence our decisions and results.   We can alchemize the outcomes like a chemistry project!  Here’s an example from my October living.

Bank of America sent me four letters dated within six days of each other.

  • The first stated that they had received my request for loan modification.
  • The second stated that they had received all of my paperwork and should they require more documentation here is the procedure that they would follow.
  • The third stated that they had denied my request for a loan modification because I had not submitted all of the required/requested paperwork. ( I had).
  • The fourth invited me to submit an application for the program that they were addressing in the above three points.

When I asked Spirit what was going on the answer was, “This is the stream of all possibilities, what do you want to have happen?”  I suppose it is like having all of these options swimming along in a stream and I get to cast my hook and just pluck one out of the river.  My house “thing” has been going on for awhile.  Finding a job has eluded me, I have been close being second does not count.  As I go through the options the (seemingly) improbable, the impossible and the totally immaterial surfaces.  Is there a happy ending here?  I haven’t caught my fish yet.  The message was clearly it is only chaos and confusion if you want it to be.  Alchelmize your desire.

Stay tuned.


Now about the job “thing.”  I bought a new dress, got excited because they were responsive and seemed excited about me.  I had two phone interviews and one face-to-face, I had a brief introduction to the CEO, and the best of all they knew all about my spiritual side and still called me in for a look-see. I was happy. I presented myself as I truly am now.  A company wanted to talk with me. Yippee and relief. This year has been a year of owning being a spiritual intuitive.

Alas, I didn’t get “THE JOB.”  I often take things in stride.  This job would have been in a heart centered environment, people and community focused and the above mentioned, “house thing” would have evaporated with the first paycheck.  So, what am I worried about as I was preparing to meet the CEO for an extended interview…. MY HAIR.  I had heard black women talking about the hair “thing” and their workplace.  Honestly, in my mind I was thinking this is just silly.  As long as it is presentable, neat, clean etc. what’s all of the fuss about.  Well…. I am officially apologizing for any ungracious, not in touch with reality thinking I may have had.  Because my masters degree,  multimillion dollar retail management and marketing experience, adviser to executives Self was worried about my hair color (a lovely auburn shade) and my kinky (beautiful I might add) hair do! Now please don’t get me wrong.  I have relaxed, pressed and straightened my hair and I like it too.  Right now however, it is full and beautiful.  So all of the angst about who is going to accept me because I am an “out of the closet” spiritual intuitive completely and totally evaporated.  I am worried about my hair. REALLY?!?

The call that I did not get the job lasted about two minutes.  I remember breathing a huge sigh of relief about not having to resolve the “hair thing” any time soon.  Then the reality of “house thing” kicked in.

Naturally I don’t know how to fish but seems that Spirit has me fishing in the Supernatural Stream of All Possibilities.

Be In Love Today!


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Reprint or Duplication is strictly prohibited without consent.

Mercedes Warrick says, “She is just God’s Ink Pen.”  As a spiritual intuitive and author of The Soul Inspired Tune Up. The Visionscapes Edition  Mercedes is guiding people into bringing their dreams into reality through Love Aligned Living and God.



I Stand Naked

10 10 2012

I stand naked before God and Know that we are One

Spirit Wisdom, October 2012.

Spiritual Vulnerability exposes us to our nakedness allowing us to learn new ways of living a Love Aligned Life.

As guided through my morning meditation recently Spirit directed me talk about spiritual vulnerability… that space where we feel naked, raw, exposed and stripped bare of everything.  An unavoidable place on the pathways of spiritual living, vulnerability shows us the purity of our Soul, introduces us to new thought and convenes us with our High Source.

This month, as is always the case when the wisdom comes through, different stages or types of spiritual vulnerability have come into my awareness.  Here are some of the thoughts and spirit teaching I have gleaned through my work and my work with clients.


When you are thrown into something new or unexpected.

All of a sudden you look up and you don’t know how you have gotten, “Here!”  I have done everything “right.”  I have treated people “right.” Yet, here I am.  Why? How?  In this type of vulnerability you may feel  victimized.  There may be a set of unintended consequences that you just did not foresee.  While I am still uncertain whether these vulnerabilities are linear – you must experience one before your journey continues and in time another vulnerability surfaces.  The New Path Vulnerability often seems to be the first.  On our path to Love Aligned Living, the teaching seems to be to learn how to stay on the path, be within your Self and your belief system.  It is a new way of experiencing Spirit. Opening an awareness that God is always present and that there is purpose in all things.


Events that are out-of-your control are happening and it seems that time is now happening at warped speed.

There is nothing to stand on and there is nothing to hold onto.  It feels like you are in a free fall, spinning and tumbling and the ground is imminently and dangerously close.  You never hit the ground.  As you are grasping you are pulling in knowledge and INsight.  This is definitely a time where you learn to become more compassionate with your Self.  You begin to go inwardly to seek the reasons why?  You may come into new learning environments, books will literally fly off of the shelf to get your attention.  Welcome to what I call Spiritual University.  You are on your way to learning and living by your inner guidance system at a whole new level and in a whole new way.  It’s time to clear the clutter and take a journey into You!


Are you feeling like the mountain is too high and you don’t know how to traverse it?

You are standing there looking up and wondering how you are going to make it up… All the way up!  Mountain High Vulnerability is the spiritual lesson of the Divine Ecosystem.  The mountain has a right to be there.  What is it telling you, showing you, teaching you?  You will learn that in collaboration with the mountain you will find a way.  Your thinking, actions and abilities will begin to expand and you will have the spiritual courage to seek new directions and new ways of living…. a love aligned lifestyle because you will stop fighting and worrying through your obstacles and begin to seek inner guidance and universal solutions.  This is a time where new like minded people will emerge.  Your language will change in a perspective of the negative to visions of what is possible.  The main spiritual axiom that came forward was, “Give this mountain only the importance it deserves, no more, no less.”


You nearly loss everything, your life, your family your security and yet it was the best thing that ever happened to you.

It is through these near death experiences that you experience the total and complete love of God and you just want to get back there.  These experiences look differently to each of us and not all of us experience these events as a threat to our physical body.  However, the growth here is that once you experience this place of total surrender you KNOW, you have a intimate personal experience that there is God.  In my work with client’s we call this, “Surrendering into the Vulnerability of God.”  It gives you a perspective that all things truly are possible and you want to live in this space of miracles, love, peace and joy.

People often ask me “What do you do?”  In part I help people understand how to thrive as they walk their spiritual pathway.  I help people stand with conviction as they choose to live in Love and be in this time of discomfort.  I help people understand what it means to “become INtuitive. To walk each moment in alignment with High Source.” The Soul Inspired Tune Up provides a tool to come into alignment and navigate the detours, free falls, surrenders and new life that is Spiritual Vulnerability.

© 2012 Mercedes Warrick All Rights Reserved

Reprint or Duplication is strictly prohibited without consent.

Mercedes Warrick says, “She is just God’s Ink Pen.”  As a spiritual intuitive and author of The Soul Inspired Tune Up. The Visionscapes Edition  Mercedes is guiding people into bringing their dreams into reality through Love Aligned Living and God.




The Council Fire – Radio Interview

12 09 2012

Plant the sacred seeds of your unbelievable and expect that each will grow.

Mercedes talks about her philosophy.  How the Soul Inspired Tune emerged

through Spirit.  Growing and standing in the force of your conviction and

strengthening your sacred spiritual I.  Listen as John & Shelley Jones and

Mercedes gather at The Council Fire!  Click Here

At 50

27 08 2012

It’s Time for ME!

I had a wonderful time coaching at the MGM Leadership Conference.  An incredible two days of inspiration with a few hundred women present.  There is so much leadership exhibited by these incredible women – mothers, wives, executives, and business owners.  WOW! My coaching sessions hosted a diverse group, from a young mother emerging into her career to a majority who were over 50.

It seems that being 50-years-old is a threshold.  This milestone is a marker for personal transformation from taking care of the family and their financial security  -  to  – moving into work and lifestyle options that reflect a sense of their own personal inner Self.  For most, this is a time of accomplishment and celebration.  For others, the transition was forced, not of their choice, so understandably it is a time of contemplation, reflection, change and fear. It was not like they were saying I gave something up to be here.  The feeling was more that it is now my time.   Even the youngest stated, “I don’t want to look up and look back to find that I didn’t take any ME TIME!”

The big questions seemed to be how to make a change into a lifestyle, work-style or heart-style that included more time for my Self-style.  Here were some of the concerns and transitions:

“I’m 50, I have been passed over twice for promotions. I want to grow and expand.”

” I’m 50+ and my children are more independent, I don’t have to worry about money so much anymore, I want to do the work that I always wanted to do.”

” I’m 50 and  I want to contribute and make my community/world better.  This is a total career do-over. I don’t know where to start.”

“I am 50 and I am making a lot of money, I want to retire and do the business I always wanted to do”

“I’m 50 and I don’t know what happened.  Suddenly I feel dated, my skills seem outdated, I feel old.”

“I’m 50 and I am African American, Latina, Asian now I’m old too… who is going to hire me?”

“I’m 50 and I am a bundle of energy.  I have all of this knowledge and I need to be able to make sure my company knows my value.”

Are you relating to any of this?

The purpose of this blog post is not to go into “fix it” mode or “You can do it” cheer leading or to give you a list of non profit organizations that can help.  The purpose of this post is to say, if you relate to any of this that you are not alone.

I recently got on my “soapbox” with a group of my friends.  There are five of us.  We were thinking, small.  It takes the same amount of steps to run a conference for 10 as it does for 100.  Move your body so that you know that you can do that 3 day retreat without collapsing. One of my friends implores me to “REST!” We do some of our spiritual work together.  We love each other.  There is comfort here and we challenge each other.  We know that we are not alone.  We talk about our fears.  We acknowledge our gifts.  We talk about our professional experiences and skills. We help each other. Between us we have a educator, a marketing professional, an IT / social media – “do It on a shoestring” whiz, and a diversity expert / facilitator leader. We know each others dreams. We make sure we stay focused. We cheer for each other.  When I had to go through my first ever garage sale preparing to sell my home – they took shifts and each showed up to make sure that I was not alone. When I was trying to figure out how to save money on marketing my new product  my social media / save money on-line friend walked me through.

Maybe that’s the point… You are not alone.

These precious four are women that I have known for only a year or two.  In some ways they found me.  In other ways we found each other.  The transformation through professional evolutions are profoundly personal but they get in my business.  They gift  hugs to me, compassion, understanding and a good quick kick in the caboose.  This is the company called, “Sisterhood”  it has institutional history that is in our DNA. It is not easy to be vulnerable, to have a safe place to talk, be honest and real.

As you move through your networking, conferences and business meetings build relationships. A good coach will give you an honest point-of-view, accountability and expertise. A good group of friends provide all of this and more. They provide the ultimate bottom line profit..Love!

Thrive! Achieve! Prosper!

Be in Love Today!



© 2012 Mercedes Warrick. All Rights Reserved.


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Post Traumatic Spirituality

20 08 2012

Whether you call it growth or a spiritual awakening, trauma is good for your soul.

Through my trauma my spirituality deepens, this is Post Traumatic Growth. My relationships and friendships are more dear to me than ever before.  I work to make each the best it can be. I look for the real meaning of the lessons in my life.  When things are not going well I go inward and seek Guidance for the wisdom or purpose. I keep the shade top down half-way in my bedroom window so that I can see the dawning of each new day and I am thankful that I am here to see it. Spirit gifted me with this process called, The Soul Inspired Tune Up.  My 2005 “robbery at gunpoint” and “2007 Divorce” allowed me to literally feel GOD throughout my very being.  I was on my knees grasping for air.  I couldn’t breathe.

Sound familiar.  We visited the seat of Source. On this fate filled day we are re-born. We are strengthen through our faith, love, and spiritual commitment.  Our Knowing comes from our direct personal experiences of visiting GOD in a most intimate way.

The world of academia has confirmed we are not crazy, we are resilient.  Welcome to your post traumatic spirituality,  I mean…. Post Traumatic Growth.

After seven years of spiritual enfolding aka recovery from robbery at gunpoint, I have discovered that researchers at the University of North Carolina call this awakening Post Traumatic Growth.  This is new to me.  This research has been around for some time now. What is Post Traumatic Growth?

The dawning of new light!

Taken from the university’s website:  Post traumatic growth tends to occur in five general areas. First, sometimes people who must face major life crises develop a sense that new opportunities have emerged from the struggle, opening up possibilities that were not present before. A second area is a change in relationships with others. Some people experience closer relationships with some specific people, and they can also experience an increased sense of connection to others who suffer. A third area of possible change is an increased sense of one’s own strength – “if I lived through that, I can face anything”.  A fourth aspect of posttraumatic growth experienced by some people is a greater appreciation for life in general. The fifth area involves the spiritual or religious domain. Some individuals experience a deepening of their spiritual lives, however, this deepening can also involve a significant change in one’s belief system.

Dr. Paul Wong in his May 2003 article Pathways to posttraumatic growth
described 7 pathways to Post Traumatic Growth.  Number five is religious faith:

You have been wondering whether God listens to your prayers and whether He really cares. Like the Job of the Old Testament, you have complained bitterly about God’s indifference to your misfortunes. But now, the fog has lifted and you come to the realization that God is with you, crying with you and sharing your pain throughout your struggles. He does not shield you from suffering, but gives you the grace to endure and learn. You begin to hear God’s reassuring whisper and experience his tender embrace when you are feeling all alone and trembling with fear. Now you can rebuild your life on the solid rock of faith.

Your new day has dawned! Express your Self.  THRIVE!

This community total is about 1,500+ strong.  We don’t want this to be our normal, trauma is not the preferred pathway to growth.  However, as the facilitator here I know many of your stories. Courageous you are dedicated to living and loving in bold new ways.

Thrive through the spiritual businesses you have created.  Thrive through the spiritual service you provide. Thrive through the non-profit organizations that keeps the cause alive.  Thrive through the healing wisdom you impart. Thrive.  This is your time of growth and expansion.  You are changing the world! There was a reason, a purpose and a Divine beginning. Thrive!

Energizing Love 365 Everyday in Every Way…

Be in Love Today!


For more information

Posttraumatic growth (PTG) Lawrence G. Calhoun and Richard Tedeschi are the leading researchers in this area.  Please visit ptgi.uncc.edu

For more information about The Soul Inspired Tune Up click on these links.



Flirt Like You are In Love!

16 08 2012

Mercedes, You are a beautiful and loving woman. I wish I could know you.

I really did not think much of this at first.  While it was not the typical connection invitation it was quite lovely and respectful so I connected with this delicious gentleman.  After  few days I reached out and we had a wonderful, intellectual exchange.  It was stimulating.  He just wanted to be my friend.  I could feel my Self glowing from the inside-out.  I could almost physically feel the energetic pathways singing with glee.  I AM Beautiful.  I AM Lovely.

Now I know that I should just KNOW this.  Somehow it was different coming from a total stranger that I will probably never meet.  So the question as it always is…. How does this expand me? Grow me?  I am wondering what if we as a collective group began to give ourselves the mutterings of love that we usually reserve for the most intimate of relationships.  What if we could respectfully say… You are delicious!  I love your sense of humor!  My heart was singing!

There is a point when we don’t trust words of beauty coming from strangers.  We may feel that they are creepy or smutty.  Better safe than sorry!  I have had some seemingly innocent introductions go very bad, very quickly.  So maybe this exercise is not advised for your next social media connection.  Take a friend who you adore. Someone that is in your safe zone and exchange smatterings of intimate love, lavish each upon him or her like you would spread grape jelly across your P&J sandwich. Light up your eyes and smile into her eyes, his eyes.  Do this with a girlfriend, a favorite friend, your child.

Let’s have a LOVE festival, flirt with the most important people in your life. Love each joyfully with unabashed pleasure.

Energizing Love 365 Everyday in Every way!

Be in Love Today!